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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

- Anaïs Nin

Your intentional evolution


In the seat of The Creator.
You choose to align your behaviour towards how you desire to grow. You are clear that the direction is forward, and so there is only peace in shedding what’s holding you back. You are curious, beyond doubt. You lean into education, to expand your personal development and ways you can deepen your service to others. You prioritise a regulated nervous system over burnout, because you know that your most pleasured, rested self unlocks the codes of abundance and joy in your relationship with life.

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Billie Schwamberg

Trusting in the mystery


When life seemingly is not making any sense.
When you can’t see your progress as a physical trophy.
At times when the journey feels lonely and oh so complicated.

There’s the passion within that leads the way.
That despite everything else, will still ignite the next day.
That time and time again, will guide you to trust in the mystery.
A deeper initiation as you evolve.
You’ll choose to keep yourself open.
To move only in the truest direction.
Because you know in your deepest of truths, in your heart of hearts
What you’re connected to.
What is meant for you.
What you’re here to experience.
That in devotion, will flourish.
You know that.
And all you need to do is the very next little big thing.

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Hello beautiful people,

Thank you for landing here.

This will be my first ever journal entry here on this website! . 

I’m truly excited to be showing up for you here in a way that feels most true. Writing in my journal. Sharing my thoughts, and allowing words to flow as transmissions to support you on your journey of inner awakening, intentional evolution and connection to your innate power. 


Billie xo

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