Attracting Abundance – Modern Therapeutic Hypnosis




Master Certified in Modern Therapeutic Hypnosis, Billie Schwamberg offers your subconscious mind the suggestions required to rewrite the script that directs your thoughts and behaviours when it comes to attracting abundance across every aspect of your life.

Do you have a scarcity mindset when it comes to money? Perhaps you hold onto unhealthy relationships? Do you believe you must jeopardise things in your life, because you can’t actually just have it all? Are you ready to become an energetic match for the life you desire, living effortlessly from a state of abundance and joy? If you answered yes to one or all… this one’s for you.

This hypnosis includes binaural beats in the 526 Hz Solfeggio Frequency to deepen your transformation and recalibration. Please listen with headphones.

This purchase allows you to download with life-time access.



Hypnosis is a gentle, safe and natural process that has been in practice for over 5000 years. Hypnosis is a cooperative interaction in which the Client responds to the suggestions from the Hypnosis Practitioner. During hypnosis the Client will enter a trance like state (a waking state), where they experience increased attention, concentration and suggestibility. Hypnosis is extremely powerful for deep relaxation and when it comes to releasing old unwanted habits and behaviours. During hypnosis we simply relax the critical faculty so we can talk directly to the unconscious mind, (where all our programs are stored) and in this state we can offer positive suggestions for new desired behaviours.

Personalised Therapeutic Hypnosis Sessions (from Quit Smoking, Weight Release, Alcohol Addiction to Fear of Abandonment and more) are available. Contact Billie for more information.