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Throughout my journey including all of its extremities, challenges, painful times and transitional phases, where only deep surrender and trust have been the answer, Billie’s presence always helps anchor me back to my core and grounds me in a way that is extremely rare. My Spirit Guides also often direct me to ask for Billie’s advice on various matters, especially when it comes to embodying and understanding my most sacred intuitive gifts, where she is always able to offer the most potent wisdom and support.

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Working with Billie was transformative for me on both a mindset and practical level. With Billie's guidance I was able to access parts of me that hadn't shone through in many years. I have been able to break through confidence barriers particularly in my professional life that I felt had held me back for a long time. I can't put into words all the intangibles that working with Billie gave me but suffice to say that the entire experience was truly transformative. You can't make this stuff up!


Wow Billie. Thank you so much my time at your beautiful cottage. My life (and mind) had been very full and busy so having a getaway for me was exactly what I needed. Your dedication to the environment nurturing my nervous system is out of this world. The views, the sauna, the cosy bed and book nook were perfect. I’m so excited to come back. Thank you.


Byron View Farm is truly a little slice of heaven! Breathtaking views and a beautiful cottage that feels like home as soon as you walk in. Lots of thoughtful touches make it feel that extra special. Watch the sunrise over the ocean from one side of the house and enjoy magnificent sunsets on the other side in the evening. Peaceful and surrounded by nature and animals. Loved every moment.